14 januari 2012.

2012-01-14 17:13:22 Vardag 0 kommentarer.

Och ibland, helt plötsligt, utan förvarning, så träffar man någon som framkallar det där pirret i magen.

2 januari 2012.

2012-01-02 22:45:49 Vardag 0 kommentarer.

You can't have me tonight, tomorrow night, the next day - for anyone, or anything...
and anyway, I'm not asking you to stay, you're not my fucking problem.

If you come around here, you know, we're gonna have some problems.
I've seen that look before, leave that shit at your door, 'cause yeah, we're over, get over it.

I can't believe you're stuck on always trying to fuck me up.

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